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Who we are


He has always placed the Human at the heart of his activities, as an inventor, entrepreneur, professional accountant, exporter, professor, author, consultant and international speaker. His mission is to accompany human beings in their personal and professional development to unleash their talents.


How to prioritize the human being in the heart of each profession and sector of activity, in order to have the power to decide on one's own life ? The diversity of his international experiences led him to create this Evolutionary Center focused on the human being, fully responsible and respectful of his environment.


His greatest wish is that one day the Human and the Organization will feed Life together.

GUY R. CLOUTIER: Entrepreneur in the soul, he created his first business at 18, then an accounting practice and a company exporting inventions and innovations. By valuing the human being and the ability of each one to invent his own life. He created his profession of Evolutionary Accountant by putting the human being at the heart of his life and his business. 


His experience as a professor led him to write several books for the human being to undertake his life and find his rightful place. In order to promote his philosophy, he gives lectures at the international level on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Today strong from his multiple and muticultural experiences, he is proud to offer you this Evolutionary Center that is Zec World, declined in all areas of activity and professions, in order to put the Human in the heart of his own life to be fully realized and build a more balanced world.  History of Zec World


She has always invented her life, creating a brand licensing agency, inventing a unique perfume conceived from A to Z through Families of Enterprises and becoming an artist inspired by the beauty of nature. 


Today she invests herself in this grandiose project that puts the human being in the heart of her/his life. She is proud to contribute as a web master !

SYLVIE JESSUA: after a degree in management at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris and a master's degree at the University of California in San Francisco, she became Purchasing Manager at Dunhill Montblanc, then Development Manager at Superior before creating her Fashion brand licensing agency called Habaco, then a unique fragrance brand named Ambregris Paris. Involving in painting lead her to web designing with an artistic approach
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