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History of Zec World

History of Zec World: from the dream to its realization

"I’ve always had three dreams:

Be an entrepreneur in my life, having the choice to choose and being free and autonomous.

Travel around the world to meet others.

Give meaning to my daily actions."

Guy R. Cloutier

The idea came to me in 1984 during a trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo. During this trip, I met a person who said to me: you are more than an accountant, he wanted me to come and join him in his International World Trade Center project at Mirabel Airport in Quebec (Canada).

I decided to leave Lafarge Corp. and embark on the financing of this major project. Moreover I created my own accounting firm and my own profession as an Evolutionary Accountant.

A year later the project was refused, which led me to start my own development company Hicom international Inc., specialized in the export of inventions and innovations, with the H meaning: Honesty, Happiness, Human and Humanity. Henceforth the human being would be at the center of all my entrepreneurial activities.

In 1986 I launched the voluntary simplicity movement for businesses, based on financial autonomy. In parallel, I created an association for the world of Inventors highlighting human talents, in order to help them realize their projects (from conception to marketing). This experience led me to live in different countries and to meet different cultures (America, Asia, Europe, Australia) by self-financing through all my creations (inventions, businesses, books, conferences, concepts).

In 1995, following these rich international experiences, I began to write the foundations of a World Trade Center for Creativity and Innovation, which would become Zec World (Zec for Zone Evolutionary Center): school of thought, creativity, transformation, internationalization and awakening of human consciousness and their organizations in the face of life.

In 1997 I wrote an essay which highlights the raison d'être, the mission, the how, the means and the tools of Zec World by economic, educational, technological, environmental, cultural, health, social activity zone... (basis of the book which would become Zec World Connecting Human-Organization-Life in 2020).

In 1999 I decided to write an essay "The Power of the Future, the Choice that Transforms Our Lives": the vision of the world of tomorrow which means how to create one's life in order to become free, autonomous and responsible for our actions. I also published "The Golden Rules I, a survival guide for people and businesses of the future."

I became an international keynote lecturer, professor, consultant and trainer in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to implement all my concepts (Families of Enterprises®, Evolutionary Thinking®, Evolutionary Structure®, Operational Creativity Units®, Human Statement®, Evolutionary Accountant®) .

In 2010 I joined the association CISD (citizen innovation and sustainable development) as co-founder and administrator to support its effort to promote remarkable citizen innovations.

In 2018 I wrote the essay "The Future will be Human, Think, Create, Innovate and Act differently", which takes up all my concepts implemented in companies. I also published "The Golden Rules II, a guide towards a new personal and professional life balance".

Since 2020 I have finalized my big life project Zec World on which I have been working since 1984, through a website zecworld.org and a book Zec World Connecting Human-Organization-Life.

Let's connect Human, Organization and Life in order to give meaning to our lives, that's why this project has always been for me my reason for being!

My greatest wish is that one day the Human and the Organization feed Life together!